Media Prduction and Digital Marketing for small businesses

we exist to:

Grow your business.

Leverage your brand through original digital content and digital marketing.


Media Production + Digital Marketing for Small Businesses


Small businesses often get the short end of the stick when it comes to marketing options. Many can’t afford traditional marketing agencies so they’re stuck trying to do it themselves. Others slash their prices (then split the revenue 50/50) with a “deals” company to bring in more leads. We think you deserve better.


While there are many ways to grow a business in 2019 we have found the two most effective are:


Media Production

We produce videos and other digital media that shares who you are with your potential customer and helps them understand how you can add value to their life. 

The internet provides numerous platforms to share our voice, but how well do we take advantage of this? If you want to grow, you must connect with potential customers who need what you offer. We want to help.


Digital Marketing

We offer a range of digital marketing services structured specifically to provide small business owners with scaleable options for marketing their products and services.

We specialize in modern, digital solutions that offer you the best return on your investment. We don’t settle for just having more clicks or likes and neither should you.

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Paul Metzgar

Creative Director


Paul discovered his passion for small business while obtaining his BBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He has worked as a commercial photographer in addition to holding management positions in three unique companies; a restaurant, a media production company, and a digital marketing agency.

Now he desires to blend his interests in marketing, management and creativity to help small businesses leverage their greatest asset, themselves!